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    Environmentally Conscious for Profit Company

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    Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture

    We at OKO Forests develop agroforestry systems with our network of smallholder farmers. Our decisions are informed by analysis of scientific data and the social field. We sustain the landscape through the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices.

  • Our Mission

    To increase yields per hectare, alleviating poverty, mitigating the need to clear rainforests.


    Improve soil fertility through the adoption of agroforestry practices, initiating the diversification of the farming system and increasing biodiversity.


    To implement sustainable practices at scale, becoming a major player in Africa's sustainable land use management.


    Add value to farm produce raising incomes in communities.


    Put in place local and regional supply chains, enhancing growth opportunities.

    “Food production will need to increase by at least 60 per cent over the next 35 years to provide food security for the 9 billion people expected to be living on the planet by 2050.”, Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General

  • Our Core Values


    Our work is grounded in love, we are devoted to the land and those who live on it. We take great pleasure in helping to develop better human beings through the adoption of science based agroforestry practices.


     We have faith in the conviction that humanity will learn to live in harmony with nature whilst meeting food and industrial needs. We are confident in our belief in humanity's organised collective effort to re-green the planet.


    We are grateful for the accumulated knowledge of how to restore and maintain soil health. We are thankful for the sun, pollinating bees, water, nutrients in the soil, the list is endless.


    We respect the planet and understand that it has ecological boundaries. What we sow we reap, we give goodness.


    The concept of a vehicle is a collection of parts, we value all those we directly and indirectly work with.  


    We are a family of leaders, we inspire each other to overcome challenging goals. We view mistakes as learning opportunities. We embrace change.


    We are clear about our goal to sustainably transform the rural economy by boosting biodiversity lead by small holder farmers.

  • Farmer Programme

    We offer our farmers;

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    Training and Dialogue

    Prior to planting, farmers receive substantial training from our field staff covering best practices for preparing their land. We are in constant dialogue with the farmers to better understand their needs and find to sustainable ways to maximise yields, whilst increasing biodiversity.

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    Planting Inputs

    Oko provides families with the best possible planting inputs. Such as disease resistant and higher yielding varieties.

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    Field staff members provide farmers with regular on-farm and village training on land maintenance best practices, such as rainwater harvesting and soil nutrient replenishment.

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    Harvest, Processing & Sales

    We harvest, process and sell farm produce to national and international markets.

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    Ghana: +233 54 405 99 68

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